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How Does Arclabs Assist with Job Placement?

March 2022

All four Arclabs campuses have a Career Services calendar full of events that support our students in finding their dream welding job. From resume building to helping perfect weld tests, we support our students in their career journey many ways. Recently, Arclabs hosted a career fair at our Piedmont, SC campus. We had 14 local […]

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How Would You Do on a Welding Bend Test?

February 2022

We’ve had lots of questions about successful bend tests lately, so let’s get down to the details. A welding bend test “is performed on a universal testing machine by placing a specimen on two support anvils and bending it through applied force on 1 or 2 loading anvils in order to measure its properties.”   […]

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Women in Welding

January 2022

Although there are 592,000 welders in the United States, just 5.3% are women, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Arclabs Welding School is looking to push the boundaries of this male-dominated field. Currently, there is a huge demand for welders, and women can fill these positions because they are fast learners, have great […]

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Arclabs has Partnered with EDUrent to Give Our Students Housing Assistance

December 2021

Want to make a career change in your life but don’t live near South Carolina or Houston, Texas? Want to begin welding school but live hours away? Arclabs is still your option. We are working with EDUrent to help non-local students find housing options. Arclabs has partnered with EDUrent to help you find a place […]

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Want to know if welding is the best skilled trade for you? Check out this Career Assessment test from Generation T.

September 2021

In short: Generation T is the movement to help rebuild the skilled trades in America, marking the end of an era where trade skills were looked down upon by the middle and upper classes. It’s a rallying cry – pulling together 70 national brands to help redefine success in America. Generation T is a badge […]

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Local or National? A Look at Welder Salaries

August 2021

Have you ever thought about how much welders make if they stay local or travel for their career? Listed below are 2020 salary averages for each state in the US according to Tired of the hot southern summers and want to start a welding career in the snowy, picturesque landscape of Alaska? Prefer to […]

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Welding is in High Demand

June 2021

Very broadly, skilled labor includes professions with specific knowledge and skills in their area of expertise without long-term training. Along with other careers in the trade industry, welding has been a predominant career option on most job boards. The American Welding Society (AWS) estimates there will be a shortage of nearly 400,000 welders in the […]

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Becoming a Welder – Job Outlook

May 2021

The profession of welding has been around for thousands of years, dating back to the Sumerians and Egyptians who learned how to combine copper with tin and silver to make bronze. Today, the world of welding has greatly advanced and has become a lucrative position with many exciting career options and great pay for those […]

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What is Arc Welding?

May 2021

Arc welding is what is known as a fusion welding process. It is one of the most common welding processes and is used extensively in various industries due to the strong, high-quality welds it creates. Arc Welding in Theory The arc welding process uses an electrical arc that forms between an electrode and the base […]

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Is Welding a Good Career?

April 2021

When you begin to think about your future, you’ll probably start asking yourself questions like “where do I see myself in five years?” or “what career path will be enjoyable for years to come?” A career in welding can be both rewarding and fulfilling because there is always something new to learn and the job […]

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