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Campus Security

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Our goal is to protect the community and reduce campus crime. Help us to help you by taking personal safety steps and reporting emergencies, suspicious activity and criminal behavior.

Campus Facilities

The School Administration is responsible for the security of students, employees, and the structures on campus. The administrators are responsible for checking all facilities to ensure they are secured. Campus academic buildings are opened by an administrator at approximately 6:45 am and are closed at approximately 11:15 pm, Monday through Friday. Campus academic buildings are locked outside of normal class hours.  Students can gain access to study through e-mail requests to their instructors. Visitors must check in at the administrative office.

Arclabs does not have any on-campus housing or off-campus facilities.

Reporting Crimes and Emergencies

Arclabs’ students, employees, visitors, and community members are encouraged to immediately report all emergencies, suspicious activity, and criminal behavior to the school administration and the local police department. Arclabs will take appropriate action based upon the information given and will notify local law enforcement authorities when appropriate. Arclabs does not have any written policies or memoranda of understanding with any local or state enforcement agency for the investigation of alleged criminal offenses.

Arclabs does not accept anonymous reporting of crimes; however, every appropriate effort will be made to maintain confidentiality. Persons wishing to discuss a situation in strict confidentiality may do so by speaking with the corporate directors.

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Threat Assessment

Arclabs strives to protect the community and provide a safe place of learning for our students. Arclabs is not immune to the possibility that a campus visitor or a member of the campus community poses a threat of harm to him/herself or others. We encourage students, employees, visitors, and the community to take steps to keep themselves and their property safe and to report any observed threatening behavior that may represent a safety concern to the campus community.

Emergency Response and Notification

When a threat is reported, our staff attempts to confirm the validity of the report and collect additional information. We will contact emergency personnel if needed, such as local law enforcement, EMS, and/or the fire department. Arclabs will attempt to contain the situation until authorities arrive, at which point emergency personnel will assume authority and act as first responders.

Emergency Notification

In the event of an emergency situation that threatens the safety of our students and staff, Arclabs will make a timely announcement via loud speaker system. However, if it is determined by the campus administrator that a timely warning may compromise efforts to assist a victim or contain or respond to the situation, the notification may be delayed.

Evacuation Information

Evacuation procedures are posted in our classrooms and welding shops. The campus may be subject to evacuation in the event of a severe emergency situation.

Crime Statistics

In compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act), Arclabs publishes statistics about reported crimes on campus and its adjoining public property (such as public roadways, sidewalks, parking lots). The “Summary of Reported Crimes” includes incidents of alleged crimes, both attempted and completed, that have been reported by students, employees, visitors, and community members directly to the school administrators as well as to the law enforcement agencies having jurisdiction over each of our school locations. Per Clery Act regulations, Arclabs uses the crime definitions set forth by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Handbook for all crimes except sex crimes, in which definitions are used from the FBI’s National Incident-Based

Reporting System Edition of the UCR. No information regarding victims, perpetrators of reported crimes, confirmation of crimes, or findings of the crimes are reflected in the report.

Crime statistics are reported to the Department of Education via a website database. It can be accessed by the public at Paper copies of this report can be printed from our website or requested from our administrative offices.

Hate Crimes

A hate crime is a criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against the victim’s actual or perceived race, gender, religion,disability, ethnic origin or sexual orientation. The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 expanded the list of crimes for which bias must be reported to include larceny-theft, simple assault, intimidation, and destruction, damage, or vandalism of property.

Campus Disciplinary Action for Law Violations

On campus violations of Arclabs’ policies will result in disciplinary action taken by the school in accordance with the procedures outlined within the Student Handbook or Employee Handbook. Violations of law committed on campus may be addressed by local, state, and/or federal law enforcement agencies.

Click here for a summary of reported crimes. Adobe PDF reader required

Drugs and Alcohol

Arclabs maintains a drug and alcohol-free policy requiring all students to report to training in a substance-free condition. Whether on or off campus, students may not be under the influence, possess or use (without valid medical or dental prescription), manufacture, furnish, or sell narcotic, mood altering, or dangerous drugs controlled by federal, South Carolina, or Texas law. The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages at Arclabs is prohibited. It is also prohibited to be under the influence of alcoholic beverages at any time while at the school.

Violations of the Arclabs’ drug and alcohol policy will result in disciplinary action, up to and including, termination from Arclabs Welding School. Violators of state and federal drug and alcohol laws are subject to arrest by local law enforcement and may face criminal prosecution, fines, imprisonment, and/or other penalties.

Sexual Harassment

Arclabs Welding School is committed to providing an environment free from sexual harassment. Sexual harassment by any member of the school community is a violation of law and school policy and will not be tolerated. Both males and females can be victims of sexual harassment, and both males and females can be perpetrators of sexual harassment; the victim and the harasser can also be the same sex. Examples of sexual harassment include, but are not limited to, unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, physical harassment of a sexual nature, and offensive remarks about a person’s sex.

Sexual harassment is an issue that may affect any member of the school community and will be dealt with promptly by the administration. If the alleged perpetrator of sexual harassment is a member of the Arclabs’ staff, a formal complaint should be made to the Executive Vice President.