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Certified Welder

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What is a certified welder?

A certified welder is entitled to walk a little taller.

A certified welder is one who has been tested by a licensed examiner. That welder holds certification to indicate they can complete a weld procedure within the set tolerances and at the quality level required for a defined weld type or procedure.

Who can get certified? Anyone! Because the test is performance-based, anyone can become a certified welder without any formal training. Of course, formal training and practice are the best ways to pass the certification test. Many different certifications exist. For example, Arclabs offers certifications such as GMAW/FCAW on 3G plate, SMAW/GTAW on 3G plate and SMAW/GTAW on pipe (if the advanced pipe specialization is chosen).

We test our students to American Welding Society (AWS) standards. Our Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) have developed Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) to qualify our students to each process. Once a student passes a visual and bend test, they will receive an Arclabs Welding Performance Qualification Record (WPQR) as evidence of their accomplishment.

AWS Certified Welder

You might have heard of an “AWS Certified Welder.” This means you have passed a test performed at an AWS Accredited Testing Facility … which includes Arclabs!

This brings up an important point. A fair number of fabricators create their own certifications tests. Regardless of your previous achievements, you’re going to have to take their test. However, if you’re a certified welder, it means you’ve been there, joined that, and can make good welds when the pressure is on.

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