Frequently Asked Questions

What are the class times?

Day Classes = Monday - Thursday 7am - 4pm & Friday from 7am to 1pm

Night Classes = Monday - Friday 6pm to 11pm

How much of the time is spent in the classroom versus in the shop?

Over 90% of the total time of the 900 hour program is spent in the shop, honing your welding skills. That is why student’s chose Arclabs over other welding programs out there.

Will Arclabs find me a job upon graduation?

Hands-on training at Arclabs Welding School is an excellent start on your way to a rewarding career in welding. The Career Services team is here to help with the next steps, including assistance with:

1. Preparing resumes
2. Conducting employment searches
3. Interview preparation
4. Employer weld test preparation
5. On campus employer presentations of the company and jobs available
6. On campus employer interviews with students
7. On campus employer weld testing for graduates

Our team works with both local and nation-wide employers to help Arclabs graduates.

Although Arclabs strives to find jobs for our graduates, it does not guarantee job placement to the graduates. Enrollment in Arclabs or completion of the program does not guarantee employment.

Is attendance required?

Yes, attendance is vital. This is a fast-paced program that requires commitment and focus to achieve success in the program. Daily attendance is important for our students to gain the maximum amount of knowledge needed to obtain a career in welding. Students must achieve 85% cumulative attendance for graduation.

What kind of job can I get upon graduation?

Professional Welders work almost everywhere – automotive, aerospace & aviation industries; bridges & bikes; shipyards, shops & skyscrapers – wherever metal needs adhering, a welder is needed. It’s a training program that teaches you skills that can be used worldwide, so almost anywhere you want to go, your welding training can take you there.

Will I be certified upon completion?

There is much confusion about the difference between qualification and certification and many individuals and institutions think that “certification” of welders is required by welding codes.

Nowhere in any welding code (AWS D1.1, ASME Section IX (and others), API 1104, etc.) is there a requirement for “certification” of welders. All codes require “qualification” of welders by performance and testing of a weldment on a specific material using a specific welding process, test position, etc. following a Weld Procedure Specification (WPS). The record of the test results, known as the Welder Qualification Test Record (WQTR) is the essential documentation (signed by a qualified or certified inspector) required for a welder to be deemed qualified to weld in production according to a code.

Only candidates who go through AWS Accredited Test Facilities (ATF) get AWS welder certifications. After the candidate takes his/her test at an ATF, the ATF conducts visual inspections and the tests required (typically bend samples or X-ray). The resident or contract CWI inspects the weldment prior to sectioning, inspects all test samples, and then determines if the weldment passes the qualification criteria stipulated in the code. The WPS and WQTR records are then sent to AWS where they are verified and filed, and a wallet card is issued. All AWS certifications are good for six months, at which time a welder is required to renew and prove his continuing welding activity for which he is qualified.

Students in the 900 Hour Advanced Welding program will be given the opportunity to test for one certification through the American Welding Society (AWS) before graduation.

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