Start your journey to becoming an advanced welder! The ArcLabs Welding School HS Welding Competition is an invite-only competition for motivated high school seniors who want to prove that they have what it takes to be a Welder.

All participants in the regional welding competitions in South Carolina or Texas will receive a $500 scholarship. Participants will also have the opportunity to enroll in one of our ArcLabs Welding School Welder Programs. Our welding programs provide skills and hands-on training geared to meet the tough demands of today’s employers.

The objective is for our students to gain entry-level employment across the country in the manufacturing, construction and maintenance fields. The qualifications we issue provide our graduates a great opportunity to be employed in an industry that is rapidly expanding.

What can I expect at the ArcLabs Welding School HS Welding Competition?

  • A timed welding project to be completed by each participant and judged before a panel.
  • A fun, family-oriented event where your friends and relatives are invited to come and watch you compete.
  • Admission and Financial Aid Representatives available to answer your questions.
  • Demonstrations and networking with experts from the welding industry.
  • A tour of campus and vendor booths.
  • An awards ceremony concluding the competition and announcing the scholarship winners.
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Latest News & Events

April 2020 application fee reduced to $25

Arclabs Welding School acknowledges the hardships our prospective students and their families are going through with the COVID-19 virus. We would like to extend a discount to our prospective students. Arclabs Welding School is offering a promotional reduced application fee to all enrollees during the entire month of April 2020. During this month, anyone who applies for enrollment to Arclabs Welding School will only pay a $25 application fee with his/her application. This reduced application fee is only for students who will start classes in the month of May or June 2020.

Speak to an admissions recruiter for more details.


Open Enrollment Has Begun.

Our welding courses are designed to train each student in welder skills to support welding-related industries. We offer basic, intermediate and/or advanced welder training modules designed to fit the unique needs of each student. Arclabs Welding School programs prepare graduates for entry-level positions in structural, pipe and pipeline, and thin-alloy welding.

In addition to the key welding processes learned in the Advanced Welding Program, students also learn basic and advanced pipefitting skills.

In other news...

Check out our latest location!

Due to growing demand, we have opened a new location that holds 150+ booths in a 56,000 sqft building.

9510 N. Houston Rosslyn, Houston 77088

Our newest locations exterior.
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