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Getting started. How to Enroll

Ready to build your future?

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You must be at least 13 years of age to request more information. By completing this form, you are providing Arclabs Welding School express written consent to use this information to contact you via the most convenient way possible (phone, email, mail and text messaging). By Visiting Our Site & Using Our Forms You Agree To Our Privacy Policy.

Congratulations on making a great decision to pursue welder training from Arclabs. Our industry-focused programs can help you learn the skills employers are looking for – which makes all the difference when it comes to finding a career.

What to Expect

Admissions recruiter – An experienced admissions professional will guide you through every step of the enrollment process and answer any questions you have.

Campus tour – Touring our welding labs and campus will let you experience the environment you’ll be training in. During the tour, you have the opportunity to speak to an instructor who may also help you choose the best program for you.

Financial aid – Our financial aid staff will meet with you to discuss tuition financing and payment options. Read about your options on our financial aid page. (link)

Training – This is where the fun begins. You can learn new skills in as little as six months. There’s a good chance you’ll make some new friends too as you pursue a career you’re excited about.

Career services – We want you to succeed. That’s why our career services team is there – to help you polish your resume, prepare for interviews and weld tests, and partner with you to find a job in your chosen field.

Student services – Every student is different. Our student services are customized for your unique needs – to track your success in the program and handle any questions that may arise.