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Welder Skills

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Skills of a Successful Welder

No matter what line of work we enter, we all want to be successful. And just like any job, welding can certainly come with its challenges. At Arclabs Welding School, we will help you build the skills of a successful welder with our high-quality instruction and hands-on training so you land a job in as little as six months. Most of the skills may seem like they can’t be learned, but if put into practice, these skills can definitely become second nature. So what skills are required of a successful welder?

Physical Abilities

Welding is hands-on and thus a physically demanding job. You may be required to twist, bend, stoop and lift to put together or disassemble large objects to accomplish your weld. Physical endurance, steady hands, hand-eye coordination, working in adverse conditions, depth perception and close vision may all be required and will help you become a better welder. While demanding, many welders enjoy the physicality of the profession and prefer it to a desk job.

Mathematical Skills

Growing your math skills will help you work more efficiently as a welder. You will use these skills when:

  • Reading blueprints
  • Understanding diagrams
  • Interpreting sketches
  • Calculating dimensions
  • Cutting and trimming metal objects
  • Problem-solving
  • Reasoning

Attention to Detail

Welding requires acute attention to detail because it is a highly skilled labor. You must be able to identify and resolve corroded, greasy or cracked welds before even beginning your own welds. Then you may be required to inspect parts and materials, cut and trim metal parts to precise dimensions, detect changes in molten metal flows and maintain a safe and clean workspace. In welding, it is extremely important to get the job done correctly, the first time.

Teamwork and Administration

Welders often work with a crew, so being able to work as a part of a team is necessary. Employers look for administrative or leadership skills as well. Welders need to have the ability to document their work and oversee inventory supplies. Their job also requires them to meet deadlines, communicate, organize projects and manage their team’s time.

Join us at Arclabs Welding School

Do you have the skills to become a successful welder? Join us at Arclabs Welding School. Whether you’re an experienced welder looking to improve your skills or you’re a newbie, Arclabs has a program for you. We offer the following welding programs:

  • 1,300 Hour Master Welder Program
  • 900 Hour Advanced Welding Program
  • 400 Hour Welding Program (only offered at our Texas location)
  • 280 Hour Specific Process Program
  • 120 Hour Pipe Welding Program (not available at the Piedmont, SC campus)

We have three locations in South Carolina: Columbia, Hanahan and Piedmont, and one location in Houston, Texas. Ready to start a new career? Contact Arclabs Welding School today at 877-647-4111 to get enrolled today.

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