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Welding Careers for Veterans

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Why Welding is a Great Career for Veterans

After completing your service in the military, it’s time to make some decisions about what’s next. Some people are discharged with a specific skill set that suits them for immediate work, but others are not. If you fall into that second group, there are some great options for you in the civilian workforce. Consider these reasons why welding is a great career path for veterans.

Welding Careers are Plentiful

When you were in uniform, you knew you had a job each day. Your assignment and location varied from time to time, but you knew you had work and you knew you had a paycheck coming. You also had a certain amount of freedom to request a move into work that you found more appealing.

You’ll feel right at home in welding because it works the same way. You might get hired at a factory or other fixed location, or you may go on the road working the pipeline or nuclear plant shutdown circuit. No matter what path you choose, there will always be something waiting in the wings when you need (or want) a change.

Your Military Mindset Will Help You

Whether you were deployed in a combat zone or remained stateside, you became conditioned to the military way of thinking. There are procedures and processes for everything because mistakes can be disastrous. Time management is critical. If you don’t keep things on schedule, the entire operation can run off the rails.

Welding jobs are the same way. Welding techniques, materials, tools, and fuels are predictable, and that means your work must be predictable too. Veterans who pursue a career in the welding industry are accustomed to following procedures and getting quality outcomes from their work.

You Have the Right Experience

Many people start their education with little idea of what their work will be like. For a veteran like you, welding is not very different. Even if you were a company clerk and have gone from shuffling forms all day to welding joints, you know how critical it is for your company’s equipment, facilities, and vehicles to be in top working order.

With that understanding of the importance of doing quality work, you’ll be a natural fit for welder training, and our welding program will gladly welcome you. In less than a year, you can be career-ready and in the workforce.

A Career in Welding Has Variety

There’s nothing worse than being stuck doing the same thing for hours and hours each day. The last thing you want is to complete your service in the military and end up stuck in a job that can’t match the variety you had on duty.

Welding definitely scores high in the variety category. Whether you’re working inside, outside, or a little of both, you’ll have new challenges and new opportunities all the time in a welding career.

Arclabs Welding School

If you’re ready to start a career in welding, contact Arclabs Welding School at 877-647-4111 for more information on our welding programs and why welding can be a great career path for veterans like yourself.

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