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Technical College vs. Welding School

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What’s the difference?

Technical colleges offer degree programs, such as a 2-year associate degree. The upsides are that you get the accomplishment that comes with earning a degree, plus the credits may count toward a 4-year-degree if you want to pursue one in the future.

The downside is that it is a 2-year degree … as in, it takes two years. Further, you may have to take classes in a certain order. For example, you can’t just take the TIG class without first completing the Stick and MIG classes. You may also have to take non-welding classes, like Literature or Music Appreciation.

Which is right for you?

For many people, the advantage of a welding school is that it prepares you to enter the workforce in less time. If you want to skill up for a job fast, there are 280-hour (~2½ months) programs. If you want to demonstrate mastery and earn certificates, there are 900-hour (~5½ months) and 1300-hour (~9 months) programs. The number of months assumes going to school full-time. Part-time is an option for those that work, but it does take a little longer to complete the program.

You also get a more immersive, hands-on welding experience. At a good welding school, you’ll be taught by people who weld professionally. Your instructors have held the jobs you dream about, and they’re there to help guide you to success.

Welding School

At Arclabs welding school, everything you’ll learn relates to welding, and almost all your learning takes place in the lab, not a classroom. When considering school options, ask how much time you are paying for actual welding versus classroom time. If spending up to 95% of your time in hands-on learning situations sounds attractive, a welding school, like Arclabs, is right for you!