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Trial Enrollment

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What is a trial enrollment?

A trial enrollment period allows first-time Arclabs’ students to enroll and attend the school for five consecutive instructional days, during which time the students participate in the school experience to determine if welding is the right educational path for them.

No financial obligation beyond school fees and supplies, where applicable, are incurred during the five-day trial period. Otherwise, it’s free!


Any student who officially or unofficially withdraws from the school within the trial enrollment period will be considered a NO-START. Any student who misses time during the trial period without written approval will be administratively withdrawn and will be considered a NO-START. The student’s tuition obligation will be waived, and no credits will be earned. Withdrawn students can reapply for the next available month’s class start, subject to the discretion of the school.


A student still in attendance on day six of the program will be considered to have confirmed his or her intention to continue the program as a regular student. The student will then be classified as a start, a tuition obligation will be incurred, and credits will be earned.


Please note that the Trial Enrollment Period policy is not applicable to re-entry or seminar students.

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