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Welding Program Length

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How long does a welding program take?

Arclabs offers four welding programs broken down into number of hours: 280, 400, 900 and 1,300. Campuses have a mix of day and evening, part- and full-time, classes to accommodate variable schedules. The 280-hour Specific Process Welding Program will take approximately eight weeks, the 400-hour Welding Program – 12 weeks, the 900-hour Advanced Welding Program – 26 weeks, and the 1300-hour Master Welder Program – 36 weeks.

Depending on the program, your schedule will consist of modules that contain lecture and/or lab hours. For our 900- and 1,300-hour programs, note that more than 95% of total time is spent in the shop honing your welding skills!

Compare Arclabs to an associate degree, which will two years (on average) and require additional business and/or general courses. Because Arclabs certificate programs emphasize training, they condense schooling time and often result in employment — and income! — in a matter of months. In other words, you learn welding skills for getting industry jobs when you’re done.

Most programs are designed to accommodate different skill level and objectives. For example, are you looking for a long-term career in pipe welding? Do you want to work in construction? Are you new to welding and not sure if it’s something you would be good at? Is welding a hobby that you want to explore further? Do you need training for process certifications? Once you ascertain your skill level and objectives, you will have a better understanding of time it takes to complete an appropriate welding program.

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