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Welding School Cost

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Is the cost of welding school worth it?

You think you want to be a welder, and maybe you even know how to weld decently. School costs money and you need money. So now what? Is welding school worth it? Heck yeah, and that’s even what our instructors say when they went to school after years of field experience.

You will not need a certificate or a trade school diploma to be a welder — but it sure does help. Welders are in high demand, so some employers are willing to hire entry-level welders without formal training. Fair enough, but if you wish to move up in the job market, companies will seek more experienced welders for those jobs.


Next, how important is pay? How important are pay increases? If you want to make more money, you’ll need more skills and experience. Just ask your peers who gained those additional skills and experience in welding school. Even if you consider yourself a darn good welder, proper instruction, down to the very basics, is important.

Let’s consider the big bucks. Aerospace, underwater or pipeline welding may sound like interesting and exciting industries, but the path to these specialized welding skills is best paved through school and achieving certifications.

The immersive experience of honing your skills and hands-on work is essential and the primary focus in welding school. After graduation, welding schools offer career services for job placement. From resume to interview, you’ll have guidance, not to mention more confidence.

Finding a school with a convenient payment plan and/or financial aid assistance is beneficial and often critical to quickly making an income from welding. Arclabs not only offers payment schedules but is also approved to offer federal financial aid assistance under the following Title IV programs: Pell grants, Subsidized and Unsubsidized Direct Loans, Plus Loans, and the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) Program.

The class offerings under which Arclabs is approved to offer federal financial aid assistance are the 900 Hour Advanced Welding and the 1300 Hour Master Welder programs.

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