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Women Welders

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Women in Welding

Although there are 592,000 welders in the United States, just 5.3% are women, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Arclabs Welding School is looking to push the boundaries of this male-dominated field. Currently, there is a huge demand for welders, and women can fill these positions because they are fast learners, have great work ethic and are adept at working in all welding career paths.

Some of the possible advantages for women in the skilled trade industries are:

  1. Greater hand stability: Women are great at doing precision welding work simply because their hands may not shake as much as their male counterparts.
  2. Lower center of gravity: Most women are more stable performing welding projects high above the ground due to having better balance and lower center of gravity.
  3. Better hand and eye coordination: Paying close attention to detail and excellent hand-eye coordination are a great welding skills that most females have.

Join us at Arclabs for a training program today and use your skills to land a high-paying career in welding. Let’s show those guys how it’s done.

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