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Arclabs designs its courses to fit the individual needs of the students and meet the specifications of employers, allowing students the opportunity to acquire the essential skills needed to support a career in welding. Arclabs trains its students for the purpose of employment and assists students with job placement.

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Our welding courses are designed to train each student in welder skills to support welding-related industries. We offer basic, intermediate and/or advanced welder training modules designed to fit the unique needs of each student. Arclabs Welding School programs prepare graduates for entry-level positions in structural, pipe and pipeline, and thin-alloy welding.

In addition to the key welding processes learned in the Advanced Welding Program, students also learn basic and advanced pipefitting skills.

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Due to growing demand, we have opened a new location that holds 150+ booths in a 56,000 sqft building.

9510 N. Houston Rosslyn, Houston 77088

Our newest locations exterior.
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