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Even Welders Need a Facelift

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Continuing to grow and give our campuses a facelift is essential for making sure our students have the best environment to train in, as well as the resources they need to succeed. We started our first class in our brand-new Houston building in early 2020 where we currently teach over 200+ students. The new building includes additional booths, more equipment, and a larger space to practice hands-on training.

In summer/fall 2020, Arclabs began upgrades on our South Carolina campuses. These improvements include adding extraction systems (a fume extraction system that utilizes a fan to removes hazardous particles from the air and protect our students), new Miller equipment for welding on specialty metals like aluminum, repainting, classroom remodeling, and adding additional pieces to our pipeline and outdoor simulators to give our students real-life experience.

Arclabs’ biggest 2020 accomplishment is adding more booths to each South Carolina campus to accommodate increased enrollment on both day and night shifts. According to, there will continue to be a shortage of 375,000 welders by 2023, which makes this the perfect time to pursue a welding career. Join us today.

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