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Don’t let a lack of housing stall your dreams. We Can Help.

Want to make a career change in your life but don’t live near South Carolina or Houston, Texas? Want to begin welding school but live hours away? Arclabs is still your option. We are working with EDUrent to help non-local students find housing options. Arclabs has partnered with EDUrent to help you find a place to live that is conveniently close to one of our four locations. It only takes five minutes to create a profile and an EDUrent Housing Consultant will contact you to discuss your housing options and resources. Whether you’re looking for a short-term lease, searching for roommates or saving for rent, they’re a one-stop resource center.

Why did Arclabs choose to partner with EDUrent?

EDUrent does “the hard work for you. EDUrent partners with properties in the vicinity of your college that want the students’ business, know how to assist you virtually, have short-term lease options, allow cosigners, and provide a better deal for students.”

What are the steps to find housing assistance?

Go to and create a profile. Search for locations near any of our four Arclabs campuses with your budget in mind. Make sure to move in one to two weeks before your welding program starts, so you are settled and focused on school training when it begins. If you need any assistance during the housing search, call (855) 508-8300 and speak to a specialized housing coordinator.