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Signs Your Child Should be a Welder

We always hope our children will talk to us about what they want to do when they get older, where they want to go to school, what interests them and what motivates them. But maybe they are struggling to find their career path. Maybe they can’t identify their strengths, and they just need a little help to find their field. Below is a list of questions for you to determine if welding is a good fit for your child.

Are they good at math and problem-solving?

Welders are often required to read blueprints, take precise measurements and make accurate calculations. It is important for them to solve problems that arise on the job as well. If your child is good at math and problem-solving, a career in welding can help them grow those talents and put them to use.

Do they have a hardworking attitude?

For many jobs, a hard worker stands out and advances quickly in their career. Possessing a hardworking attitude is important for safety and quality, making this trait extra important for welders. Welding requires determination, but it, unlike other professions will compensate them for their diligence. Welding professions provide a great salary right out of school.

Do they work well as part of a team?

Collaboration and communication skills are often essential for welders because they may need to work as part of a crew or lead their own team of welders. They can complete their training and start their career in less than a year at Arclabs. If they work well with others, they are more likely to land a job right after graduation.

Do they have physical strength and stamina?

Welding can be a physically demanding job. Sometimes welders will have to operate heavy equipment and hold challenging positions for a long period of time. Although they don’t have to be the star quarterback, young welders who enjoy a physical challenge will thrive in this profession. If your child is active and works better on their feet rather than behind a desk, our hands-on training will pique their interest and prepare them for a career of hands-on work.

Do they pay attention to the smaller details?

Welding takes a high level of precision and concentration to produce quality welds. If your child seeks out and completes detailed or lengthy tasks, games, or projects, welding can provide them with the challenges they crave in school and throughout their career in welding.


Arclabs Welding School

Arclabs Welding School has four locations: Houston, TX, Hanahan, SC, Columbia, SC and Piedmont, SC. Each of our locations offers multiple welding programs to help your child get started on the path to a career in welding. Arclabs is here to help. The goal of our training is to help our students land a stable and good-paying job. Contact us today at 877-647-4111 to get more information on our welding programs.

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