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Welding Programs

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Our Complete Program

1,300 Hour Master Welder Program

This comprehensive welding program is designed to train master welders who want to be skilled in all four processes: GMAW, SMAW, FCAW and GTAW. Consisting of our entire 900 hour program, plus 400 hours focusing on welding specialty metals like stainless steel and aluminum, it provides hands-on training on both our plate and pipe specializations.

Upon completion, you can earn up to three Arclabs certifications and be qualified to work as a knowledgeable welder in a variety of settings.

Ready for the career you’ve always wanted?

Training at Arclabs is not about finding a job – it’s about finding a successful career. We want you to be fully equipped to meet the needs of the welding industry wherever life may take you. Our 1,300 Hour program will give you hands-on experience in the following areas:


Pipe Welding

Gain a competitive edge in your career with specialized training in pipe welding. Employers will expect you to adhere to strict safety codes – whether you are welding on a high-pressure pipe, a high purity pipe or a pipe for the oil and gas industry.


Structural Welding

Learn how to build large metal structures like bridge frameworks. Our complete program will teach you how to repair, cut and join beams, columns and girders. Specialized training in structural welding can prepare you for careers in ship building, construction, aerospace and manufacturing industries.


Welding Low Alloy Metals

Low alloy metals like stainless steel, aluminum and copper (practiced in our soldering and brazing class) offer increased strength and resistance to corrosion but welding them requires specific skills. This hands-on training can teach you this in-demand skill and  help you find a great job.

Programs for every skill level

Programs are available for those who qualify. From novice to experienced welder, our training modules are designed to fit your needs. Day and evening courses are available.

900 Hour Advanced Welding Program

This extensive structural training course is perfect for both beginners and welders with some experience. Our hands-on training accounts for over 95% of this program and will allow you to develop and advance your craft in GMAW, SMAW, FCAW and GTAW.

Upon completion, you should be eligible for work as an entry-level structural welder in the construction or industrial field.

400 Hour Welding Program*

A great way to get trained for structural welding in construction or industrial settings, this course is designed for beginners and welders with some experience. After 364 welding lab and 46 classroom hours, you should be ready to start an entry-level welding position.

*This program is only available at our Texas location.

280 Hour Specific Process Program

This course is offered for the beginner welder who wants to learn the GMAW/FCAW processes only. This program is suited for welders who want to go into basic structural welding.

Specialty Classes

Arclabs offers specialty classes and seminars that are designed to fit a variety of needs.

Training for Companies

Arclabs extends its services to companies who utilize welders within their industry.

From Student to worker

We intentionally train our students for the purpose of employment and the demand for welders is great.

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