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Welding School

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Why should I go to Welding School?

So, you think you want to be a welder? With today’s job climate, you can get a job, but will the employer train you … and train you the right way? That’s where welding school comes in.

Accredited Welding School

A welding school — especially an accredited welding school — provides a thorough, systematic and proven approach to learning the craft of welding.

With a welding school, you’ll be taught by qualified instructors, and taught the right way. We’ve heard horror stories of companies who should know better, teaching newbies bad habits, such as using a push technique for gas-shielded FCAW in the 2G position (check out the “If there’s slag, you drag” blog).

Welding Processes

Welding schools also expose you to different welding processes, techniques, applications, metals, skill levels, and new technologies. They allow you to learn what you love, find out what you’re good at (and maybe what you want to avoid).

Graduating from welding school sets you up for success. It opens more doors to better jobs, and also a much higher starting level of pay. To learn more about careers in welding, the American Welding Society (AWS) offers a great Careers in Welding website, including a welding career quiz.

In the meantime, tour our Instagram page for an inside look at the Arclabs welding school.

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